OSIRT - Open Source Internet Research Tool

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OSIRT is a completely free and open source application for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 that has been designed to aid law enforcement officials to perform open source research on the web.

OSIRT is in continuous development, and I am always looking for feedback and suggestions. See download page for contact details

The browser made for law enforcement

Looks like any browser you've used, only this browser has been created for law enforcement with input directly from law enforcement.

Screen Captures

You can take full, partial and timed screenshots within OSIRT. Preview screenshots and document them as you go; they are automatically timestamped, hashed and logged.

Video Capture

Capture video in full HD. OSIRT provides a way to record parts of or all the screen. Handy for capturing difficult to download videos or other dyanamic web content.

Audit Log

All actions are placed into the Audit Log for easy viewing. Selecting Audit Log rows provides further options for the invesigator.

Report Generation

Select items you want in the report and export it as either PDF or HTML.

Open Source

OSIRT is an open source project, meaning its source code is freely available to view and download. Click the GitHub image to go to OSIRT's repository.

Other Features: